Saturday, November 5, 2011

Swamp Lily Now at Museum

Eunice Launer Harris and Swamp Lily

The Swamp Lily is here at the museum! It is wonderful to have a living artifact that represents a significant era of La Habra and the determined pioneers who settled in the area.

The lily and the plaque were generously donated to the museum by Launer family members.

It is now in its dormant stage, but stop by and take a look at the Swamp Lily, a direct (and living) tie to La Habra's past, and the beautiful plaque.



Generic Hybrid Between AMARYLLIS and CRINIUM

In 1898 John and Anna Launer and their sons traveled by train from Highland, Illinois to settle in La Habra with other Swiss families.

There was an accident in Arizona and the Launers' freight car was damaged.

This Swamp Lily is a descendant of the original plant saved from the wreck.

The plant has persevered through the years thanks to the loving care given by generations of family members, and now the Swamp Lily is back on the original 20 acres once owned by the Launer family.

Ruthmarie Launer Gruber and Eunice Launer Harris.

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